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Getting to San Felipe
Just a 2 hour drive south of the US border, here's the mileage from major cities.

Mileage from San Felipe to other major cities (in USA)
City Miles Approx. Time
El Centro, California 137 2:15hrs
San Diego, California 236 4:30hrs
Palm Springs, California 244 4:00hrs
Los Angeles, California 350 6:30hrs
San Francisco, California 725 12:30hrs
Yuma, Arizona 184 2:45hrs
Phoenix, Arizona 374 6:00hrs
Tucson, Arizona 446 7:15hrs

Virtually every visitor to San Felipe comes here by road. The most popular route from Southern California, Arizona and points north is to come via Interstate 8 (San Diego-Yuma) to El Centro and then head south on California Route 111 to Calexico where you cross the border into Mexicali continuing south to San Felipe. The drive from Mexicali is about 2 hours on Mexico route 5.

A scenic route of a few visitors arriving by car decide to go first to San Diego and then cross the border to Tijuana and take the scenic toll road to Ensenada. From Ensenada, there is a well maintained two lane highway that runs across the Baja peninsular and joins up with the Mexicali-San Felipe road about 30 miles north of town. Many travelers are hesitant about going through Tijuana, there is little danger if you are heading to Ensenada because the road system guides you straight to the toll road without having to go into the city. Immediately on crossing the border from San Diego, follow the signs saying "Rosarito Cuota" .

Another interesting trip from the San Diego region to San Felipe can now be made by crossing the border at Tecate. This route completely bypasses the traffic jams of Mexicali and the new road construction.

Gasoline: South of the city of Mexicali there are no gasoline stations for 120 miles until you reach San Felipe. Fill up with gasoline or diesel in Calexico or Mexicali (at present Mexicali is much cheaper - around 30%). The Mexican Customs agents may seize any large tanks of gasoline you bring - be warned. The old stations at La Ventana (halfway to San Felipe) and at Three Poles by the Ensenada road junction no longer serve fuel. However, you can find snacks, beverages and primitive "comfort stations" there.

Returning to the U.S. after your stay in San Felipe, be prepared to wait an hour or so at the border, Sunday afternoons being the busiest.