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Rocky Point Emergency Information
"C4 Offices" - are similar to our 911- these offices essentially coordinate emergency response.

The phone number "066" is the equivalent of the U.S. "911" in Rocky Point - using a Mexico phone dial 066

Important Rocky Point Phone Numbers
  • (011-52-638 is the prefix if calling from the U.S.)
  • Rocky Point Fire Department 383-2828
  • Rocky Point Police 383-2626
  • Rocky Point Red Cross 383-2266
  • Ajo Community Health Center 520-387-5651
  • AirEvac is 95-880-321-9522.

What to do in the event of a Medical Emergency
Minor injuries can be handled by a local doctor in Rocky Point. Major injuries require you be evacuated by air to a hospital in Arizona.

Santa Fe General Hospital/Clinic: Santa Fe Clinic is currently the best-equipped and only facility with EKG and Ultra Sound equipment. If emergency air transportation is needed , the Santa Fe Clinic will coordinate all of the arrangements. The Santa Fe Clinic phone is # 383-2447.

How to Get There: To get to the clinic go north on the main blvd. (Benito Juarez) and make a right at the 2nd stop light (Simon Morua). The clinic will be on your left before the church. The clinic is staffed by nurses and medical doctors.

The Red Cross will provide an ambulance, but this could take considerable time.

During treatment and stabilization at the clinic, the decision for additional emergency transportation to the U.S. will be determined. AirEvac is recommended as the transportation company to be contacted. This company has full medical facilities aboard each aircraft, and has an excellent working relationship with the Santa Fe Clinic and the authorities at the Puerto Peñasco Airport. The phone number for AirEvac is 95-880-321-9522.

Information Needed for Air Evacuation: While the patient is receiving medical care, the family should use this time to gather information needed by AirEvac for clearance through customs. Information that will be requested will include: Patient and names of individuals flying back; valid identification; birthdate, nationality, medical diagnosis, list of current medications, known medical allergies, destination, physician and insurance carrier: It is highly recommended to contact your personal physician and insurance carrier as soon as possible. The phone number for AirEvac is 95-880-321-9522.

Facilities that are Open 24 Hours
Community Hospital - Centro de Salud
Juan de la Barrera - 383-2110

IMSS Social Security Hospital
Juan de la Barrera and N. Bravo - 383-2777

Red Cross (Cruz Roja)
Blvd. Fremont - 383-2266

Santa Fe Clinic
Simon Morua and Guillermo Prieto - 383-2447

Clinica San Jorge (Air and Land Ambulance Service)
Blvd. Benito Juarez - 383-5121 or 383-1521

Clinica Santa Maria
Niños Heroes - 383-2440

Phone info:
Calling Rocky Point from the U.S
Dial 011-52-638, then dial the seven digit phone number

Calling the U.S. from Rocky Point
To call the U.S. from Rocky Point or other areas in Mexico, you must purchase a phone card.
Dial 00-1-Area Code-phone number