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Sonora / Puerto Penasco / San Carlos Requirements
Passports are required, see passport rules on our website.

Tourist Cards
Puerto Penasco and Rocky Point - No tourist card needed.

San Carlos - You must stop at the km 21 border stop to obtain your tourist card/permit.

Cost of Tourist Cards: Free if staying less than 7 days. For trips longer than 7 days, they are approximately $20.

Click here for additional info on Tourist Cards.

Vehicle Permits: Not needed for Rocky Point or San Carlos / Guaymas. There is a "Free Zone" - which includes Puerto Penasco and San Carlos. See Free Zone map below If you plan to travel outside of the Free Zone, you will be required to get a temporary vehicle import permit. Click here for vehicle permit information.

You do not need a permit for your vehicle if...
  1. "Border Zone" -16 miles/25 kilometers
  2. Baja (entire peninsula)
  3. Western Sonora "Only Sonora" program.

If you need additional information on the "Only Sonora" program, call -1-800-4-SONORA (800-476-6672).

Auto Insurance Laws apply to Puerto Penasco, San Carlos, Guaymas and the Sonora Free Zone!!

If you are in an accident, you need to provide valid Mexican Insurance or proof of financial responsibility.