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Bringing your Pets to Mexico
Considering bringing your pet with you to Mexico? A couple of things to consider before you bring them. In general, traveling along the border areas and even Puerto Penasco, you may never be asked for documents. Many people bring their pets back and forth across the border without incidence, but "better safe than sorry" to avoid any unforeseen problems.

According to the Mexican Consulate, dogs and cats require two main documents: Rabies Vaccination and Health Certificate.

Rabies Vaccination: A current vaccination certificate is the most important requirement. You may be asked for proof of rabies vaccination on the Mexico or the U.S. side, but often you may not be asked. To avoid any problem, bring proof of rabies vaccination.

Health Certificate: A health certificate (Certificate of Good Health) from your local veterinarian, issued within 10 days of your travel into Mexico. Although most border points typically will not ask for this, travel further into Mexico may make this a good idea. You also may be questioned by U.S. Border Agents.

According to the Mexican Consulate, it is sufficient to file your paperwork with Mexican Customs when you cross the border.

Pet Food: Bring along extra pet food, especially if your pet has specific needs. Larger cities will have big grocery stores with a wider brand variety, but many smaller locales will offer few choices. Also, if you plan to travel to more remote regions like the Baja, it is a good idea to have extra pet food.

Pet Id's: Be sure your pet ID tags are up to date.