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San Carlos
San Carlos is a subdivision within the port city of Guaymas, located in the northern state of Sonora. The area is known for its clear water, nice beaches, good fishing, scuba diving, and sailing.

There is a considerable American and Canadian community, notably in the winter months, as the summers are warm.

The U.S. dollar is accepted everywhere. The exchange rate will vary - banks generally will provide the best exchange rate.

Credit cards are accepted at most hotels, and many restaurants. VISA and Mastercard are most accepted, American Express usually at some larger resorts and condos - but is not accepted at many restaurants. A surcharge is still common at some smaller establishments for using a card.

ATM's can be found at the local banks and will give you pesos, usually with a small fee.

Internet access and wireless (WIFI) are available at many condos, resorts and rental homes. Larger resorts, and condos have direct international dialing using a credit card, or pre-paid phone card. Pre-paid phone cards are available all around town for purchase.

Average Temperatures
Month Water Temp. Air Temp.
January 60-75 63
February 60-75 64
March 60-77 67
April 64-84 72
May 70-85 77
June 78-90 85
July 80-94 89
August 80-94 89
September 80-94 87
October 74-88 87
November 69-80 71
December 60-77 65