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Platinum Travel Assistance
Got Baja offers our customers the Platinum Travel Assistance program, which is available on the ACE Seguros auto insurance policy - included automatically.

Emergency Travel benefits for up to 4 persons in your Travel group.

Medical Evacuation and Medical Assistance
  1. Air and Land Ambulance coverage due to serious injury or illness
  2. Plane tickets home for the travel group if the driver suffers serious injury or illness
  3. Round trip plane ticket for a companion to visit the insured in the event of serious injury or illness

Trip Interruption
Plane tickets home if you are stranded in Mexico, if your vehicle is not drivable, is stolen, or if the driver suffers serious injury or illness.

Roadside Assistance
  1. Towing your vehicle to the nearest repair facility
  2. Locksmith, flat tire, fuel and jumpstart roadside assistance
  3. Rental Car if your vehicle is not drivable

Legal Assistance and Bail Bond
  1. Assistance and defense for auto accidents and non-vehicle accidents
  2. Assistance in the event of robbery, assault, or violation

24/7 Assistance Hotline!

Click here to download the terms and conditions for our Platinum Travel Assistance service