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Genworth (GE) Seguros
GE Seguros was founded in 1943 in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico. In 2006 GE Seguros became a subsidiary of Genworth Financial. They are 6th largest underwriter for Mexico auto insurance, and enjoy a reputation as one of the best Mexico carriers when it comes to customer claims satisfaction. They offer higher coverage on RV's valued up to $ 300,000.

GE recently released their Premier package which now offers higher limits, partial theft coverage, vandalism coverage, and the higher US labor rates for cost of repair. The Premier package has some coverage advantages. See the terms and conditions for a complete description of advantages. The Standard package option remains available and includes the basic coverage. GE also has special club and caravan rates for those RVing in Mexico

Vandalism: Through this endorsement the Physical Damage coverage is extended to cover Vandalism, meaning willful and malicious destruction or damage to the insured vehicle.

Partial Theft: Through this endorsement the company will reimburse to the insured the theft of permanently installed equipment and parts based on their Actual Cash Value up to $3,000 USD. All equipment and parts must be originally installed by the manufacturer or an authorized manufacturer dealer. Proof of equipment and parts installed is required.

Exclusions for Vandalism and Partial Theft: Motor homes, RV's are expressly excluded. Items such as headphones, game controllers, remotes, etc., and other accessories not permanently attached are also excluded. Personal property is not covered.

Deductible: Coverage 1 and 2 of this endorsement are subject to a deductible which is paid by the insured. The fixed deductible is $ 500.00 USD for Vandalism and $ 1,000.00 for Partial Theft.

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