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GNP Deluxe
Civil Liability - This coverage protects you in the event you are in an accident in which you cause bodily injury or property damage to third parties. Coverage for bodily injury is $150,000 U.S. Combined Single Limit per accident.

Increased Medical Expenses For Occupants - This policy will pay medical expenses with a $25,000 Combined Single limit per accident, for the driver and occupants of the vehicle in Mexico for injuries sustained in a covered cause of loss. This coverage applies even if you are involved in an accident with an at fault uninsured/underinsured driver. Medical Payments coverage is excluded on motorcycle policies.

Waiver of Deductible on accidents caused by at fault Third Parties - If you are involved in an accident in which an uninsured third party is at fault as determined by the legal authorities, and you sustain damage to your vehicle, we will pay for damages to your vehicle and waive your deductible.

Guaranteed Bond and Legal Assistance - Our GNP Deluxe policy will pay up to $25,000 to assist you in the event you need to deal with authorities following a covered cause of loss.

Travel Assistance - The insurance company provides some coverage for Towing, other expenses, and Travel Assistance. For a much broader Travel Assistance coverage please choose one of our quote options including MexVisit.

Property Damage To Your Vehicle - This coverage includes Collision, Turnover, and other related coverages. This coverage is subject to a fixed deductible of $500.

Total and Partial Theft - This coverage includes Total and Partial Theft of the vehicle. Other policies exclude partial theft. This coverage is subject to a fixed deductible of $1,000.

Vandalism - This policy provides coverage for vandalism and is subject to a fixed $1,000 deductible.

Increased Cost of Repair - The policy will pay a higher rate per hour, rather than lower Mexican labor rates. The rates are increased per the table below:

Cars $50 Per Hour
Pickups/SUV $70 Per Hour
Motor Homes $75 Per Hour

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