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Boats and Watercraft
Get coverage for your Boat, Yacht, Sailboat or Personal Watercraft.

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  1. Mexico requires all watercraft entering ports in Mexico to carry third party "on the water" Mexican boat insurance liability coverage issued by an authorized, admitted Mexican insurer. In the event of an accident, if you do not carry authorized admitted liability coverage then the vessel could be confiscated.
  2. Mexican Watercraft Insurance offers extensive liability coverage.
  3. Our Mexican boat insurance policy includes Legal Aid and Bail Bond coverage.

Here's all you need to purchase your Mexican Watercraft policy:
  1. Your trip plans, to include dates, destinations, and vessel details
  2. Your drivers license
  3. Your US/Canada insurance information
  4. Your current boat registration
  5. A valid credit card

This process will only take a few minutes. We offer our Mexico Watercraft policy from ACE Seguros. ACE is a subsidiary of ACE INA - you're getting great coverage for your boat / watercraft while in Mexico.

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