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Top 10 Facts About Mexican Auto Insurance

Mexico Law requires Auto Insurance from an authorized Mexican Insurance Company, regarless if you are responsible for the accident.
Your U.S. auto policy does NOT meet the Mexican law requiring proof of financial responsibility. Most U.S. and Canadian policies only cover your vehicle's damage a few miles from the border.
What is not covered on most policies: Commercial vehicles, off-road and racing vehicles, drivers with Mexican drivers licenses and vehicles that are plated in Mexico.
Some policies pay Mexican labor rates and some policies pay U.S. repair rates.
Personal Belongings: personal items such as luggage, sports equipment, laptops, etc. are NOT covered on Mexican Auto policies. Call us is you would like to purchase a home insurance policy that will cover your belongings worldwide.
All Claims must be reported while you are in Mexico. If your vehicle is stolen, you must file a report and claim immediately while in Mexico.
Does Mexican auto insurance cover RENTAL vehicles: Some insurance agencies require you purchase their Mexican insurance. If the rental agency does not require or offer insurance, our policies can offer coverage, however you must have permission from the rental agency to take the vehicle into Mexico.
Other drivers are covered if you give them permission and they are carrying a valid drivers license. Drivers with Mexican Drivers Licenses are NOT covered.
Salvaged Title vehicles can be covered. Call us if you want physical damage for a salvaged title vehicle.
Borrowed vehicles can be insured but should have a notarized statement from the owner giving permission to enter Mexico.

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