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Why Buy Mexican Insurance?
Insurance from a Mexican company is required by Mexican law in the event of an accident, even if you are not at fault.

A Mexican Insurance policy greatly reduces the changes that you will face jail time, and limits the financial burden after an accident.

A Mexican Insurance Policy provides coverage for damage to your vehicle or its total loss.

Under Mexican Law, motorists are required to have insurance or "proof of financial responsibility" in the event of an accident - even if you did not cause the accident. As a foreigner traveling in Mexico, you need to have either real currency - "cash" or an insurance policy from a Mexican company to comply with Mexican law.

U.S. or other non-Mexican Insurance does not cover your liability for potential accidents, nor does it fulfill the basic requirement of Mexican law.

What about my U.S. or Canadian Insurance while I am in Mexico?
Policies from the U.S. and other non-Mexican Insurance companies are not considered "proof of financial responsibility" under Mexican law. A few U.S. auto insurance companies cover damages to your vehicle and typically only a few miles from the border. Your U.S. policy does not cover damages to other parties.